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The importance of defining a robust Process Architecture

Posted by Bart Nijs

09/03/15 23:40


Process Architecture is the structural design of general process systems within the field of business processes. Process architecture is critical to a successful business process design and yet, commonly, it is not developed.


Process Architecture is an essential component of Business Process Management (BPM)


In many organisations, isolated process flows are not connected to the Enterprise Process Architecture Model. Such a situation makes it hard to understand how an organisation delivers value to its customers, uses a common process language, and has a clear line-of-sight of the interdependencies between the other processes.

Typically you start to define your organisation's Process Architecture by crafting a hierarchical Process Model. In this model, you define your company's critical set of high-level processes in a generic-to-specifc manner, using process discovery techniques. 


Process Architecture categorises the work performed in an organisation in a hierarchal manner.




A Process Architecture map provides a robust navigational structure for accessing other relevant process information: related process metrics, process governance aspects, corporate policies & procedures and the interdependencies and relationships with other organisational assets like business capabilities, supporting systems, process owners and impacted optimisation programmes or projects...

Moreover, when properly structured, Process Architecture enables you to easily identify appropriate business processes for initiating business process change. It allows you to perform trustworthy impact analyses and to assess performance using, for instance, ghosting or heatmapping techniques.

Finally, a logically structured Process Architecture is an easy-to-understand view of how the organisation creates and delivers value to its customers, especially when it is visually enhanced.


 Process Architecture provides a powerful communication and visualisation tool.




Kipstor's expert process architects specialise in designing and modelling business process architectures. We help our customers improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business performance through process architecture driven transformations.


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Written by Bart Nijs

Bart is an international professional with 10+ years of experience of business change using a variety of business modelling techniques to produce coherent architectural models.Bart gained a wealth of enterprise modelling experience working in many organisations and sectors across Europe and the EMEA region assisting in tool implementation and modelling.

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