BPM ebook: an expert guide to process architecture by Kipstor Ltd

BPM ebook: an Expert Guide to Process Architecture

Learn more about developing a robust Process Architecture, modelling your company's Enterprise Process Model, sharpen your modelling techniques for process flows, and see what's in the BPM toolbox

Rather than present more Business Process Management (BPM) theory, the main purpose of this e-book is to serve as a practical reference guide for improving the modelling, analyzing, designing and managing of business processes.

At the beginning, it defines what Process Architecture and Enterprise Process Modelling (EPM) is, and then sets out to provide useful tips, techniques and tools for improving the overall efficiency of BPM. Indeed, at the end of this book you’ll find a comprehensive summary of all the tools at your disposal - so this is something you can keep on referring to as and when it’s needed.


Who is this book for?

This book is primarily for BPM practitioners looking to improve the way they model, design and improve business processes. Although every effort has been made to minimize jargon, it’s assumed the reader is familiar with the necessary technical language - so this book is not intended for entry-level usage.  


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