Case Study Aviation

Kipstor Case Studies Aviation

Kipstor provided enterprise architecture and learning services to an international airline.

The airline serves over 30 destinations worldwide from North America to the African continent, and from the Caribbean Islands to Asia.  


The Challenge

The Airline was embarking on a 5 year strategy to develop a data-driven business and also in the midst of integrating with a larger airline, post-merger.  The airline had an existing IT portfolio management and architecture function but they wanted to improve their practices and tooling to help them plan and drive change through the organisation.


The Solution

Kipstor was engaged to deliver a series of structured training days designed to impart the training and also to facilitate establishment of a skeletal enterprise architecture.  Overall the training needed to ensure development of strategic-level enterprise architecture integrated with development of project-level solution architecture and the oerall change lifecycle.  The deliverables included:

  • Delivery of TOGAF training
  • Skeletal architecture reference models and taxonomies
  • Strategic architecture development methods
  • Solution Architecure development methods

Kipstor was engaged to develop the strategic architecture for data management and business intelligence.  Kipstor delivered an Enterprise Data Services architecture blueprint describing the Information Management capabilities and practices that will deliver a single logical source of trusted, shared, and integrated information, for real-time and offline decision making.  This included detailed and itemised definitions the following capabilities:

  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Data Analytics and Reporting


The Results

The team became self-sufficient in development of their enterpise and solution architecture.  They were also equiped to select the most appropriate architecture modelling tool.

The airline was able to describe the business capabilities and investment required to enable a data-driven business. The airline used the strategic architecture to engage the market for system integrator partners through a formal Request For Information process.



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