Who we are

Kipstor was founded by Graham Meaden in 2013, who had spent the previous twenty years working on pioneering architecture and design practices for large, complex, software-driven transformation programmes.

Over this time he realised organisations have become locked into a mindset that all software is the same. The same complexity, the same cost and delivery timescale ratios. They have lost sight of what constitutes “value for money” and the relevance of Pareto Principle or the 80:20 rule.

To counter this, he conceived the Graphshare platform as a means to deliver core Data Management solutions rapidly at a fraction of the cost and a reduced time to value.

The other two key people in Kipstor’s leadership team are Rahal Ebanayake, our lead technical design authority, and product manager James Watt. Rahal has been critical to the development of Graphshare since it was an early proof of concept and has been pivotal in preparing the product for market as well as adapting it for new clients.

James Watt brings a wealth of experience to the team – from CRM and ERP implementations through to metadata management solutions. As a four-time Ironman, James also understands the importance of dedication, perseverance and commitment to get the job done.